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Wood Flooring Made In Canada

Mirage Flooring

Montreal, QC


While many companies have attempted to move their production overseas, Boa-Franc continues to manufacture its products in its factories in Quebec, Canada: “We know that maintaining our activities here stimulates the local economy and maintains jobs.

Pravada Floors

Delta, BC

Pravada Floors is a leading manufacturer and trusted provider of quality wood flooring products in North America.


Saint-Augustin, QC

Discerning customers, designers and architects know: when it comes to quality and versatility, nothing beats a engineered or a solid hardwood floor that is designed and made in Canada…by Preverco.

Kentwood Floors

Delta, BC

When Kentwood began manufacturing hardwood flooring in 2003, we had a very clear vision of the kind of product we wanted to make and what we wanted the Kentwood name to stand for. In a word: quality.

Appalachian Flooring

Cowansville, QC

Appalachian Flooring is one of the premier solid and engineered hardwood flooring manufacturers in Canada. Appalachian Flooring is committed to providing customers with the finest hardwood floors, combining quality and design in each and every one.

Vintage Flooring

Toronto, ON

Over the past 20 years, Vintage has established itself as a premium Canadian manufacturer of hardwood flooring throughout Canada, the United States and the rest of world.

Timeless Wood Floors

Calgary, AB

Timeless Wood Floors is a collection of high fashion, finely crafted engineered and solid wood floors. We specialize in quality products with a fashion focus that meets the changing requirements of designers and consumers.

Wood Flooring Made In Canada
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Wood Flooring Made In Canada
Wood Flooring Made In Canada is a list of Canadian owned businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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