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Women’s Swimwear Made In Canada

June Swimwear

Montreal, QC


June Swimwear began with a simple goal: give women the freedom to embrace sunshine, surf, and everything travel can mean. Founded in 2009, our products are designed to help you look great, feel great, and never let you down.

Thief & Bandit

Hallifax, NS

Using hand printed and hand made methods, Thief & Bandit produces swimsuits, clothing and more in Halifax, Nova Scotia with pride.

Imagine Perry

Vancouver, BC

Creating swim suits for boys, girls and women in Vancouver, BC. These made in Canada products are made ethically and are sustainable.

Nettles Tale

Vancouver, BC

Our swimsuits are made in Vancouver, Canada and inspired by an actual woman from the Pacific Northwest. 10% of the profits support her favourite charity.

Saltwater Collective

Toronto, ON

We are proud of our commitment to supporting local businesses. Choosing to manufacture in Toronto with local seamstresses also allows us to work intimately with a manufacturing team that understands and supports our mission.

Bathing Belle

Toronto, ON

All swimsuits are hand made by designer Danica herself! So the next time you are looking for something truly unique and fun to splash around in, try Bathing Belle for womens, mens and childrens swimsuits.


Vancouver, BC

It is preceded by its reputation and integrity: since its foundation, the company is vertically integrated from the product’s ideation to its manufacturing, distribution and sale, making its identity fully Canadian.

Minnow Bathers

Toronto, ON

Are you looking for the best sounding most accurate passive preamplifier available anywhere? Then you’ve found it. Hand made in Winnipeg, MB

Selfish Swimwear

Montreal, QC

These swimsuits will make the customer feel good regardless of how you think you feel. Hand made in Montreall with top quality material for durability and comfort.


Calgary, AB

Function, durability and the ability to withstand the elements, Honubelle creates swimwear that exudes confidence and a feeling of contentedness to the ocean.

Beth Richards

Vancouver, BC

This quality swimwear is manufactured ethically right in Vancouver, BC. Since 2011 Beth Richards has been providing products constructed with quality fabric.

Women's Swimwear Made In Canada
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Women's Swimwear Made In Canada
Women's Swimwear Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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