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Wallets Made In Canada

Canadian Leather



This buffalo leather brand is made in Alberta and available across the country in stores and on various web sites.  I searched and can not find a specific web site but found a national carrier for the products.  We take pride in our products. They feature good quality leather, craftsmanship and carefully selected hardware.

Oak and Honey Leather Goods

Toronto, ON


The foundation of any quality work of craftsmanship is the material that its made from. When investing hours of labor into a piece of work, it just doesn’t make sense to use anything other than the best material available. Made in Toronto.

Popov Leather

Kitchener, ON


All our goods are sewn by hand using the “saddle” stitch method. When we hand-stitch, we use two needles that pass through the same hole on opposite sides. This method doubles the strength of machine stitch. Since each needle passes through the same hole without friction, it binds using a net of thread that clings to the leather. Conversely, machine-stitching doesn’t bind to the leather, it binds to itself when it loops. – this method can be fine for fabric, but we want our leather products to last a lifetime.


Montreal, QC

Unique, handcrafted leather and textile accessories. Featuring modern men’s and women’s aesthetics, skilled workmanship and high quality materials. Designed and created in Montreal, Canada.

Mariclaro Reclaimed

Snow Road Station, ON

Mariclaro has been making bags and accessories from repurposed materials since 2008.  Mariclaro is built on the principles of high quality, sustainable production and ingenious designs. All our items are handmade in Canada in our studio in Snow Road Station, Ontario. Mariclaro …. obsessed with quality to the very last stitch.


Toronto, ON

At Fitzy we make modern leather goods. All of our pieces feature a clean modern design meant to simplify your life both visually and practically. We believe in a less but better approach to design. We use genuine  leather and solid brass hardware so that our products stand the test of time.   All of our leather goods are handmade right here in Toronto.

Kirkpatrick’s Leather

Port Hope, ON

Founded in 1881, Kirkpatrick’s Leather began as a manufacturer of carriage harness. Early in the 1900’s, the company moved from it’s origins on King Street, in Toronto, to Broadview Avenue, where it remained for over 75 years.  Proudly made in Port Hope, Ontario.

Etsy Creations – Supporting All Canadians


Chilliwack, BC

Springbok Craft Company is a one woman workshop operating out of Toronto, Canada. Committed to creating durable, minimalist leather goods for the every day, I know you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Wallets Made In Canada
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Wallets Made In Canada
Wallets Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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