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Soaps Made In Canada

If you know of any other soaps made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Seafoam Lavender

Halifax, NS

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Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens is a small, family owned and operated agricultural business, dedicated to producing superior quality, direct-from-the-farm lavender products.

Saltspring Soapworks

Saltspring, BC

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Grandma taught us how to make soap, using time-honored methods from centuries past. Since then, we’ve worked diligently (for 40 years) to refine her recipes. Every Saltspring soap bar is hand crafted from fine natural ingredients. Our soap bars are moisturizing, long lasting, and great for sensitive skin.

Rockey Mountain Soap

Vancouver, BC

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Back in their early twenties Karina and Cam bought Rocky Mountain Soap Company with only one employee, $86k in annual sales and 450 sq. ft. With mostly blind optimism fueling the first few years, the two have grown the company to what it is today. Throughout its growth, Rocky Mountain Soap continues to be, handmade, with 100% natural, simple, ingredients.

Oh Canada Soapworks

Canmore, AB

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We are a local, hand crafted, all natural body products shop in downtown Canmore, Alberta. Our priority is to provide our valued customers with the highest quality, earth conscious, body care products.

Kogi Natural

Chemainus, BC

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The husband and wife entrepreneurial power team, who still work hand in hand creating all of the Kogi Natural products themselves; have adopted a new concept and a brand new vision for the future of their business. Their philosophy is shaped on the basis of not being just another “All Natural”, “All Organic”, “Paraben Free”, “Chemical Free” bath product on the shelf.

Rawkoko Soap

Toronto, ON

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Rawkoko products are proudly hand crafted in Toronto Canada. We strive to source locally and support other small businesses. We also love giving back to our community as much as we can.

Buck Naked Soap

Cambridge, ON

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All natural and vegan is the word of the day for this company that produces skin care products right here in Canada. They are chemical free and safe on every level.

Garden Path

Vankleek Hill, ON

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Our soap is made from natural ingredients and is produced in small batches using the traditional cold process method. Our products do not include chemicals, dyes, and preservatives and are made with renewable plant oils, natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, and are biodegradable.

Corks & Bubbles

Brampton, ON

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Corks and Bubbles specializes in cold process soaps. All the products are handcrafted. They are made from scratch and in small batches where there is an opportunity to pay the upmost attention to detail. We are vegan based, paraben free, sls free, phthalates free which are not only soft on skin; but on the environment.

Tanglewood Soaparie

Caroline, AB

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We currently donate our handcrafted soap to the local Woman’s Shelter, any local association in our community that request , to the Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta, and we are also currently in negotiations to donate to kids (patients) admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Wilderness Soap

Collingwood, ON

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We handcraft all of our products using only the finest, 100% natural ingredients from the wilderness to create an eco-friendly product that is safe for both us and the environment. Our soaps are handcrafted from scratch using the traditional cold process method and are air cured for 6 weeks.
Soaps Made In Canada
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Soaps Made In Canada
Soaps Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products in Canada by Canadians.
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