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Snowboards Made In Canada


Whistler, BC


Shape, length, sidecut, flex, weight, camber, and material composition are all carefully considered and tested in Prior’s factory at the bottom of Whistler Mountain.

Sandbox Helmets

Whistler, BC

Founded by Kevin Sansalone in Whistler, Canada, Sandbox is a uniquely rider-owned company that has been developing rider inspired products since 2004.

Kindred Snowboards

Comox Valley, BC

Angie and Evan design and hand built Kindred together. We embarked on this creative journey to feed our passion for The Ride – not just the act of sliding on snow, but the entire alpine experience.

Hightide Mfg

Whistler, BC

Hightide Mfg is homegrown from the ground up. Designed, built and tested in the supernatural mountains of British Columbia. We pride ourselves on the art of shaping the finest high performance snowboards, for all snow conditions and terrain.

Skateboards Made In CanadaVega Snowboards

Calgary, AB

Hand built in Calgary Alberta, focused on manufacturing high quality snowboards 100% in house. Tested in all aspects of snowboarding to provide a performance driven product for any terrain and snow conditions.

KNWN Snowboards

Squamish, BC

It is important to us that we produce every single one of our products here in Canada. There was a time when Canadian made skis and boards were known around the world as being the very best quality and performance.


Revelstoke, BC

Our passion for the artwork has really been fueled by our artists over the years. We’re grateful to have such great individuals to work with and interpret our hair-brained ideas or feed us their completely unadulterated artistic genius.

Snowboards Made In Canada
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Snowboards Made In Canada
Snowboards Made In Canada is a list of Canadian owned businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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