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Shovels Made In Canada

Era Group

Saint-Laurent, QC


When it comes to shovels there is no one in the industry better than ERA Group for design, durability and quality. Proudly, designed and manufactured in Canada, our shovels are engineered to last undergoing rigorous quality control environmental testing. We offer a full range of shovels to meet our customer’s needs, from consumer to commercial; we have the shovel to get the job done even under the harshest conditions.


Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, QC

Garant is pleased to offer our customers the choice of many quality products marked with the seal MADE IN CANADA.  To ensure transparency and allow all consumers to make informed purchase decisions, Garant clearly communicates if the product is made, assembled or designed in Canada.
We use the following seals to indicate how much of the materials and work that went into the tool are Canadian.


Vernon, BC

There simply is no other planting shovel like Bushpro’s. All of the components for our shovels are specifically made to our specs. From handle to blade, each part is designed with strictly tree planting in mind and reinforced where other shovels fail. Bushpro’s stainless steel shovels come with a LIFETIME warranty against blade breakage, bending or separation. No other planting shovel comes close to this level of guarantee!Canada’s largest manufacturer and distributor of quality tree planting equipment.

Veritas® Tools Inc.

Ottawa, ON

Veritas® Tools Inc., based in Ottawa, Canada, is a world leader in woodworking tool design innovation and is the manufacturing arm of Lee Valley Tools Ltd., a leading North American retailer of fine tools. Lee Valley Tools, established in Canada in 1978, began designing and manufacturing its own woodworking tools in 1982.

Firn Snow Shovels

Toronto, ON

Firn is a unique design that distills the common winter snow shovel down to its essence. Crafted by local manufacturers within 125 km of Toronto, Firn is a sustainably minded take on a winter classic.  Firn began as a quick design exploration. We stripped the complexity from the modern snow shovel by reducing the archetype to its essential elements: blade, handle and grip. In doing this, we were able to assess the importance of each element and focus on the materials best suited for each component.

Available at The Modern Shop

Roof Rake (Snow Removal)


Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, QC

Clear snow safely from rooftops with our handy, lightweight roof rakes. With wide heads and long, angled handles, they make it easy to keep the snow from building up on your roof this winter.

Shovels Made In Canada
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Shovels Made In Canada
Shovels Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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