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Potato Chips Made In Canada

If you know of any other potato chips made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips

Carleton County, NB

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It all starts here. All of the dark Russet potatoes we use are grown at the family farm just down the road from our factory.  When the potatoes arrive at our plant they are washed and scrubbed before getting sliced and cooked.  55 pounds of potatoes are cut with 8 razor sharp blades in approximately 35 seconds and dumped into the kettle where they cook for just over 5 minutes to produce the optimal crispy texture.

Yum Yum Chips

Warwick, QC

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Yum Yum Chips is a 100% homegrown, third generation family business from Quebec, specialized in the production and distribution of potato chips and snack foods since 1959. It transforms and distributes more than 200 products under the following brand names: Yum Yum, Viva, State Line and Champion.

Hardbite Potato Chips

Surrey, BC

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We’ve been growing potatoes in the Fraser Valley since 1920, and operate BC’s only potato chip manufacturing plant. We use only the best and freshest ingredients. Why? Because great taste and clean living are what we’re all about. BC’s natural beauty combined with our focus on healthy eating habits inspired us to create zesty, crunchy, all-around great tasting chips that fit right in with active lifestyles.

The Chippery

Waterloo, ON

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Ray Woodey was a potato chip veteran and has worked in the potato chip industry for many years. Instead of bringing potato chips from the factory to the store he decided to have the factory in the store for the freshest potato chips possible.


Mississauga, ON

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At Super-Pufft, we take pride in our assured quality oriented organization, Super-Pufft has taken that extra step in officially being recognized as a world-class manufacturer.   At over 15,000 square meters (160000 square feet), Super-Pufft’s manufacturing facility offers you state-of-the-art capabilities.

Not Canadian Owned But Made Here

The following Canadian favorites are not owned by Canadian companies but are manufactured in Canada for the Canadian market.  Using Canadian potatoes and employing Canadians.  I am including them so that you can make an informed decision.  I am not including the ones that are not made here.

Old Dutch Potato Chips

Calgary, AB

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Today, we’re more focused on quality than ever, making great products greater by removing gluten, artificial colours and flavours and more. We continue to lead the way in taste, quality, innovation and industry standards and are committed to better snack products.  Owned by an American company but made here for the Canadian market.

Hickory Sticks

Cambridge, ON
at least that is where Lays are made.


Hickory Sticks are a remaining chip snack from Hostess that is made in Canada and owned by Lays.  I can not however find exactly where they are made but will keep looking.  If you know please advise.

Lays Potato Chips

Cambridge, ON

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Lay’s® potato chips continue to be made with quality, homegrown Canadian potatoes. Simple, wholesome and real. After carefully washing, peeling and slicing the potatoes, we cook them until they are perfectly crispy, bringing out the wonderful potato taste that Canadians know and love. Owned by Pepsico which is an American company but made here.
Potato Chips Made In Canada
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Potato Chips Made In Canada
Potato Chips Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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