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Pasta Made In Canada


Winnipeg, MB

At Olivieri, we’ve been crafting fresh pasta and sauces for over half a century. Our roots began in 1957, when we opened our first ravioli shop in Vancouver. We never looked back! Today, our fresh pasta and sauces are loved by the whole family, among millions of Canadians across the country.  Still made in Canada.


Brampton, ON

Since 1989, Italpasta has been proudly manufacturing premium pasta products for you and your family using only the highest quality 100% Canadian durum semolina. At Italpasta, we take pride in using that same passion to create one of the best tasting pastas evermade….right here, in Canada.

Primo Foods

Toronto, ON

The Ruthven facility produces canned tomatoes, sauces, condiments, beans and pasta, just to name a few. Its brand names include Unico and Primo, and its client list includes Campbell’s and Heinz. Its products make their way to stores from the Maritimes to Vancouver Island.  All products are produced and sourced from Canada.


Longueuil, QC

Our facilities in Quebec include a pilot plant to test new concepts. After the test period, the next step is a plant trial on production equipment. We keep adjusting the test product until we arrive at a result that will uphold Grisspasta’s reputation for quality.


Winnipeg, MB

From humble hand-made macaroni and vermicelli crafted in Canada’s first pasta plant, to a wide selection of healthy and nutrient-rich pasta made and sold today, CATELLI® has been tableside with Canadian families since the birth of the nation in 1867.

Prairie Harvest

Edmonton, AB


At Prairie Harvest, we decided a long time ago to take our time to craft fine pasta in Edmonton the old-world way. Slow-dried, using only the best ingredients.  We also decided that we must make our products affordable so Canadian families can enjoy the benefits of organic goodness at fair, everyday prices.

Pasta Fermentata

Toronto, ON


With high quality Canadian ingredients (including natural spring water from our backyard), our fermented sourdough pastas have unique characteristics not found in conventional pastas: improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, superior flavour, and very fast cooking time — 5 or 6 minutes for al dente! We’ve plumbed the available scientific research to substantiate our own observations for the benefits of naturally fermented foods.  Made in the Kootenays, BC

Bagga Pasta

Victoria, BC


As the demand in production grew, the company turned to wholesale and manufacturing the very best pastas to fill the demands of the growing foodservice industry. Family owned and operated, our products are produced with great care meeting the needs and demands of contemporary home cooks that want nothing but the best ingredients for their families.

Pasta Made In Canada
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Pasta Made In Canada
Pasta Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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