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Neck Ties Made In Canada


Toronto, ON


Every detail from correspondence to production is overseen by owner Jesse Robinson, while all Beaux pieces are crafted in-studio on a made-to-order basis by our small but dedicated production team.

Handsome And Lace

Toronto, ON

Each piece is genuinely made by hand from cutting my own custom tie patterns, ironing and hand stitching them (like back in the day) Everything I use is locally sourced from small businesses in Toronto.


Toronto, ON

TYTAN [bow] ties are proudly designed, handmade and crafted in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Cursor Thread

Toronto, ON

All products 100% professionally hand-made in Canada. Since 1996, Space-Tech Lab. has been dedicated to creating custom designed, ultra-audiophile quality tube audio equipment at factory-direct prices.with.

Neck Ties Made In Canada
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Neck Ties Made In Canada
Neck Ties Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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