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Men’s Swimwear Made In Canada

Bathing Belle

Toronto, ON


All swimsuits are hand made by designer Danica herself! So the next time you are looking for something truly unique and fun to splash around in, try Bathing Belle for womens, mens and childrens swimsuits.

Mens Swimwear Made In CanadaShan

Laval, QC

It is preceded by its reputation and integrity: since its foundation, the company is vertically integrated from the product’s ideation to its manufacturing, distribution and sale, making its identity fully Canadian.


Toronto, ON

Street-inspired beachwear for wearing by the beach and other various bodies of water. Designed and manufactured in Toronto, Canada. Because no one appreciates swimsuit weather more than us.

Men's Swimwear Made In Canada
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Men's Swimwear Made In Canada
Men's Swimwear Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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