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Hockey Skates Made In Canada

True Temper Sports

Winnipeg, MB


As part of the a purchase agreement, True Temper Sports continues to manufacture VH skates in Winnipeg, Canada.  All employees of VH will be retained, and there are plans to expand the footprint in Winnipeg – both in terms of facilities and people.

Blade Tech Hockey Inc.

Toronto, ON


We use only the highest quality steel which means our blades hold their edge longer, and will be sharpened half the amount.  No matter whether we’re making blades for NHL’s leading scorer or your 8-year old superstar, our blades are all made right here in Canada!

Graf Hockey

London, ON

In August 2016, Vaughn Custom Sports was granted the manufacturing and distribution rights for GRAF hockey products in United States and Canada. A new factory for the manufacturing of GRAF skates was established in London Ontario in the summer of 2017.

History of Hockey Skates

There were at one time many skates manufactured in Canada.  However as with many products, the companies were either sold to companies outside of Canada or manufacturing was moved outside of the country in an effort to cut costs.  The debate continues on weather the quality suffers.  Following are some companies that were here but have sold or moved their operations.


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History. In 1927, the Bauer family, owners of Western Shoe Company, established the Bauer Skate company as it is known today in Kitchener, Ontario. Bauer was the first hockey company to begin producing hockey skates in which the blade was permanently secured to the boot. The boot and blade were made by Bauer. It was sold to Nike in 1995 and their hockey skates are now made in New Hampshire, USA


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CCM was founded in 1899 and originally known as Canada Cycle & Motor Company. until 1905 when ice hockey was growing rapidly in popularity. CCM decided to dedicate its business to the sport, launching CCM Automobile Skate and dominating the hockey skate business for 30 years.  They now research, develop, test and prototype its products at its Montreal headquarters. Then, the company has the products manufactured in Asia.

Star Hockey

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In 1866, a hand made skate especially designed for Ice Hockey was developed with a rounded front and back on a wider blade. This skate was worn by NHL players and even the 1899 Edmonton women’s team.  In 1938 the European automation and cheaper skates pushed them out of the market.

Interesting Facts

Skate Production

How are they made?

Hockey skates are constructed to allow the skater to move both right foot over left and left foot over right. The blade, usually 0.06 inch (0.15 cm) wide, is also reinforced with hollow tubing. The boot is short, measuring 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) from the sole, and reinforced with plastic caps and extra layers of leather at the toe…..

Hockey History

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A Dartmouth lawyer Martin Jones provides a great recollection of Canada’s history in hockey and hockey skate manufacturing.  This site includes information drawn from his book written from what is known a the birthplace of hockey in Nova Scotia.

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