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Glass Works Made In Canada

Glass Works Made In CanadaArmstrong Glassworks

Wellington, ON


In 1994 I created my own studio. Since that time I’ve devoted myself to exploring new designs and challenging the form and materials in different directions.

Kiln Creations

Kingston, ON

Kiln Creations are glass projects made by being fired in a kiln. We have had our kiln since 2003 and continue to experiment with sand castings, raked glass, pot and wire melts to create unique jewellery , art pieces and functional pieces.

Point Of View Glass

Halifax, NS

I love where I live and I love what I do…that makes me feel like it’s all connected and important. I strive to keep my designs clean, organic, tactile and true.

Stephanie Ann

Langley, BC

Creator extraordinaire, bead addict, loves to inspire others to find their creative talents!

Old Town Glassworks

Yellowknife, NT

Old Town Glassworks is a workers cooperative that has been creating beautiful recycled glassware from rescued bottles on the shores of Great Slave Lake since 1994. We use original northern patterns by local artists.

Shine Glassworks

Winnipeg, MB

After almost 2 years of lampworking at Metamorphosis, it seemed like time to move on, travel a little, and ultimately build a studio of my own. After two summers of traveling around Western Canada with a portable glass shop in my car, I decided to set up permanently in Winnipeg, where I have built a great studio, and have an amazing family.

NovaScotian Crystal

Halifax, NS

We are Canada’s only maker of mouth-blown, hand-cut crystal, and one of the very few in the world. We employ the traditional tools and techniques of European crystal makers passed down from generation to generation.

Berting Glass Ltd.

Cupar, SK

Together with her husband James Clark, a showroom and workshop have been set up on their acreage near Cupar. Through the generous support they have received she is able to employee people from the community.

Gibsons Glassworks

Gibsons, BC

I started melting glass in 2004 when I was 18 and haven’t stopped since! The interest turned into an addiction and a love for the fire and molten glass and endless possibilities, nothing stopping me from creating whatever I please.

Infinite Glassworks

Eugenia, ON

I’m a glassblower and metalsmith, making objects through deliberate design and thoughtful creation. Motivated by material curiosity, I combine contrasting mediums to inform texture, pattern, colour and structure. With a balance between careful consideration and impulsive explorations, I give a voice to my craft through the language of my materials.

Gotham Glassworks

Schomberg, ON

Greg has been producing his own unique style of stained glass artwork since 1996. His Father picked up the hobby after he retired; after watching him make lamps and window catchers for friends and family, he tried making a simple lamp and liked it.

Toronto, ON

A few years ago, proprietor Laurie Wright (who has a degree in fine art) began to make lampwork beads. And now you can find them on this site, sold singly, in matching groupings, or as the featured components of finely crafted jewelry.

Raven Glass Studio

Fredericton, NB

From initially working as stained glass artists we slowly expanded our range of expertise to include kiln-fired glass (fused glass), cold-working glass (sandblasting, shaping and polishing with diamond tools), stone wheel engraving on glass, etc.

Hidden Village Creations

Kelowna, BC

Founded in 2013 by Mike Astral. Mike is a 5+ years experienced glassblower and has produced thousands of functional and non-functional glass art pieces. Hidden Village Creations has been focusing on functional glass art and has gained a good reputation in Smoke and Novelty shops across Canada. 19+

Pixie Glassworks

Edmonton, AB

In August 2011, they moved from their garage studio into an 1800 square foot warehouse studio, and have since assembled a fantastic team of talented, young glass artisans. Their expansion has allowed new elements to be introduced into the production of their treasures, like sandblasting and electro-forming.

KEITH WALKER Hot glass artist

Edmonton, AB

Keith Walker now toils away in his studio. Facing intense temperatures and battling an unforgiving medium, Walker emerges with your project, ready to cool and receive its finishing touches.

Etsy Creators – Supporting All Canadian Products


Minto, NB

To me, working with the beauty of glass is magical. I’m fascinated to see how light and surrounding color brings glass to life. Lately, I am enjoying working with multifaceted glass to create sculptural pieces. These are designed to hang freely in space, thus providing ease of movement.


Wellington, ON


We specialize in high end Home Decor which is carefully designed to have you feeling like you are in your very own Crystal Paradise.  All of our products are constructed using a high-grade crystal known as optical borosilicate crown glass.

Glass Works Made In Canada
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