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Frozen Fillets Made In Canada

If you know of any other frozen fillets made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.


Calgary, AB

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Purepac™ was established in 2010, in order to meet the growing demand of customers for a brand of high quality Freshwater Fish products. For these reasons, Purepac™ was launched ensuring each and every package was “Packed with Great Taste.” Purepac™ will continue to evolve its already diverse product line-up to offer all of our customers more Great Lakes fish options.

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Vaughan, ON

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Our goal at OceanPrime is to produce and distribute products that not only meet the customer’s needs, but exceed their expectations by conforming to good manufacturing practices.  Each stage of our food process is designed to eliminate and reduce any food safety hazards and concerns that may exist.

St. Jeans SeafoodSt. Jeans Seafood

Nanaimo, BC

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St. Jean’s online and retail stores feature the very best wild smoked salmon, candied salmon, albacore tuna, smoked oysters, and hand-packed canned seafood on the the west coast.

Life choices SeafoodLife Choices Foods

Toronto, ON

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Our breaded fish fillets are made with whole fillets of Wild Caught Alaskan White Fish Pollock. Coated in a multigrain coating that contains nutritious ingredients like flaxseed, our fish fillets are a source of omega-3 and fibre. The fillets are sourced from Certified Sustainable Fisheries – a perfect balance of health and great taste.
Frozen Fillets Made In Canada
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Frozen Fillets Made In Canada
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