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Flags Made In Canada

The Flag Store

Barrie, ON


Today, 50 years later, at our New Head Office and Factory located in Barrie, the same original Burke Family still takes great pride in offering the same service, the same quality and the same personal guidance to all customers who require custom flags and flagpoles. We also offer many other choices of “soft” advertising for your company, your family name or your location.

The Flag Shop

Vancouver, BC

Founded in 1975 in Vancouver, Canada, The Flag Shop is the leading manufacturer in Canada for flags and banners, and was the first specialty flag shop of its kind. 100% Canadian owned and headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, The Flag Shop currently has 12 locations from coast to coast across Canada.  Also producing flag poles.


Quebec. QC

Etendard is one of the largest flag manufacturers in Canada.  We offer flags and banners for all occasions whether you are an individual or a company.  When looking to purchase flags for countries, provinces, cities, military, historic or celebration flags, contact us. We do them all, custom too!


St. Laurent, QC

Flagtech has been  producing flags and banners for exterior and outdoor display since 1941 under the name Textile Artcraft Inc. Our manufacturing expertise has evolved from hand painting on fabric, to  screen printing and now we use computers to digitally print on fabric.  With over 70 years of expertise in supplying printed fabric solutions for exterior and interior events, Flagtech has a deep fundamental knowledge of fabrics, fabric printing and finishing.


Calgary, AB

Flagworks is an award winning Alberta corporation that manufactures & distributes flags, banners, hardware, pageantry and corporate specialty products throughout North America. Flagworks is a one-stop branding solutions corporation.

Flag Poles Made In Canada

Flag Outlet

Coquitlam, BC

Flag Outlet is Western Canada’s only flagpole manufacturer. We continually strive to improve our existing product line and new product choices. We see ourselves as innovative and creative in the flag and flagpole industry. We are continually improving our products and our company to serve you better.


Kawartha , ON

Rockwood has been producing the very best in aluminum flagpoles since 1995. It is a family run business that operates in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario.

Flags Made In Canada
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