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Fishing Tackle Made In Canada

fishing tackle made in canadaBambaits

Guelf, ON


BAM BAITS was founded with one goal in mind: to manufacture tournament quality, Canadian made fishing lures. To this day, we’ve held true to our mission and continue to develop new and innovative tackle for both the amateur and professional angler.

DJ’s Lures

Port Hardy, BC

Our firm was established to develop lures to target sockeye and chum, the two species of salmon sportsman have trouble with. Along the way we designed some killer chinook and coho lures to round out our product line.

Tomic Lures

Golden, BC

Tomic Lures currently resides in the workshop at Gold River where Several talented lure makers and air brush artists help us make our lures in Gold River.

Epic Fishing Tackle

Val Caron, ON

John Attewell, owner/operator, is an avid angler spending countless hours on the water. His passion for the sport of fishing led him to research and create the best durable tackle. He has been producing and using his own tackle for 25 years.

Hot Spot Lures

Victoria, BC

Hot spot is the leading manufacturer of artificial trolling lures on the West Coast of North America. Our trolling lures, the Apex lure and Hot Spot Flashers, are known by sports and commercial fishermen alike for their amazing fish catching results.

Krippled Fishing Lures

Sook, BC

KRIPPLED’ fishing lures, are a unique line of lures developed in the salmon rich waters of British Columbia, Canada. ‘KRIPPLED’ lures were designed specifically for salmon and trout, and have been used with great success by thousands of local fisherman for over thirty five years!

Deadly Dick Lures

Campbell River, BC

Deadly Dick fishing lures are high quality, proven fishing lures manufactured in the “Salmon Capital of the World” – Campbell River, British Columbia on the Pacific coast of Canada.

Buzzbomb Tackle

Courteney, BC

For over 50 years, Buzzbomb Tackle has been a leader in patent design and manufacturing of fishing lures. The successful lures include Buzz Bomb, Zzinger, Spinnow, and Zelda Jig.

Fishing Tackle Made In Canada
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Fishing Tackle Made In Canada
Fishing Tackle Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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