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Drumsticks Made In Canada

Los Cabos’ Drumsticks

Hanwell, NB


Making a good pair of sticks begins by selecting the best wood possible. We manufacture many different models of sticks using Canadian Maple and American Hickory.

Ayotte Custom Drums

Bedford, QC

The Ayotte factory consists of 15,000 sq. ft. and facilities that include paint, wood, assembly and quality control areas. Our staff includes only the finest craftsmen from all over the townships to ensure only the highest quality products are made.


Winnipeg, MB

Your one stop shop for custom guitar picks and drum sticks. Hand stamped, foil or digitally printed guitar picks and drum sticks made in Canada, custom to order, shipped to your door worldwide.


Toronto, ON

At HeadHunters we believe that we have created an essential premium drumstick using world renowned Canadian Rock Maple, a wood that is noted for its beauty, strength, and acoustical qualities. All Headhunters drumstick tips are rounded, allowing for warm and articulate cymbal tones.

Drumsticks Made In Canada
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Drumsticks Made In Canada
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