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Dog Toys Made In Canada

Dog Toys Made In CanadaPast Into New

Wainfleet, ON


Past Into New is a home grown business that started in Wainfleet, Ontario with a single idea which grew from attending a craft show to having to fill orders from across the country.

Gus Custom Creations

St Fournier, ON

We are always looking for toys that will withstand our dogs. These 2 handed tugs are made of right here in Canada from fleece, webbing and Faux Fur.

Jax Pet Toys

Toronto, ON

Jax Pet Toys is a Toronto-based, small, handmade pet toy company that uses all natural cotton rope. We make sure there are no harmful chemicals or substances in any of our toys to keep you and your pets happy.

Salty Dog

Toronto, ON

With Salty Dog Canvas she combines her love of dogs and dog sports. Jan competes in agility and skijoring (she hosts skijoring workshops in the winter), and plays in obedience, Rally, freestyle dance, disc, tracking and tricks.

Dog Toys Made In Canada
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Dog Toys Made In Canada
Dog Toys Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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