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Dining Furniture Made In Canada

Dining Furniture Made in CanadaBirchwood Furniture

Calgary, AB


Birchwood Furniture is a firm believer of producing and sourcing our products locally as often as possible and by Canadian craftsmen.

Bobby Grace Furniture

Windsor Junction, NS

All furniture is handmade by Bobby Grace in his shop. From tables and chairs to refinishing antique cabinets and marine projects, no project leaves the shop until he is satisfied.

Coolican & Company

Toronto, ON

At Coolican & Company, we consider it our responsibility to create products that age well. We strive for an aesthetic that you won’t tire of and craftsmanship that won’t give out. We believe that furniture shouldn’t be replaced like a cellphone or a pair of running shoes.

Design House

Vancouver, BC

Our brands include Blu Dot, Kartell, Alessi, Iittala, Pablo, Chilewich, Herschel and others. Our custom furniture line is designed and built in Vancouver BC. Other items on the site are sourced and not necessarily manufactured by the Design House.

Bath Built Furniture

Abbotsford, BC

All of the custom solid wood furniture products are handcrafted in Abbotsford, BC using the best materials and woodworking techniques.

Dining Furniture Made In Canada
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Dining Furniture Made In Canada
Dining Furniture Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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