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Christmas Ornaments Made In Canada

I am quite positive that there are no mainstream businesses in Canada that make Christmas tree decorations. From what I could find they are all made overseas in mass production. Lucky for us there are many independent merchants who hand make their products just for you.

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St. Jacobs, ON


What started out as a creative outlet for Amy in the hopes that it would allow her to stay home full-time after having our daughter quickly turned into more than what either of us could have imagined. It grew from Amy painting the signs with Will framing them after work, to Will teaching Amy how to run all the tools (eek!) to keep up with all the orders.


Saskatoon, SK

I’m a mother of 3 that has always had a passion for crafting. Now that my oldest is 10, I have a bit more time to be creative and create all the wonderful items listed in my shop.  The logo for my shop is a picture of my dog Rodney when he was 4, he just turned 14 this summer. I love pugs and will be creating Pug items to share with all of you.


Cambridge , ON

Each piece of my art is unique in every way. Taking at least 5 hours to complete. Every piece of sea glass, driftwood and sea shell is hand picked, washed, oiled, sorted and then hand selected for it’s new forever home in it’s framed art!!


Toronto, ON

With two creative minds, and a passion for education we create natural, montessori inspired childrens educational wooden toys as well as beautiful hand made painted & wood burned signs.


Toronto, ON

My name is Emma, and I’m new here. I used work at corporate job but now I am a stay at home mom to a 5 month old baby boy. I have been created paper creations since I was in university and now I have decided to expand.


Kelowna, BC

At the very beginning of this story is a child who loved to pick up sticks and stones and make Art with them. That is how the name “Naturally by Denise” was born. Since opening my Studio in the early 80’s, I have gone through many changes and experimented with many medias. Each piece in my shop is from an idea that is uniquely derived from my quirky sense of style and fun. That is why my shop and studio continue on as “Naturally by Denise”


Cambridge, ON

Smitten Kitten Jewellery was founded in 2013 to make you feel even more badass and beautiful. I’m Kendall, the one-woman show behind Smitten Kitten, and I handcraft jewellery, accessories, and more for you and your favourite people.


Campbell River, BC

My shop contains many ready-made pieces, and you may find one (or several) that fit with exactly what you’re looking for. Some of my pieces are one-of-a-kind wall art creations, and some are accent/decor pieces ideal for display around the home or on your person. But if you can’t find anything quite right, I absolutely love custom orders!se of style and fun. That is why my shop and studio continue on as “Naturally by Denise”


Maple Bay, BC

Our studio is located in beautiful Maple Bay, British Columbia, right on the westcoast of Canada. If I’m not busily crafting away in my studio, you can find me at my part-time teaching job, or spending time with my adorable 6 year-old son, and my husband.


Lancaster, ON

Elegance in Wood was born in 2004 from a love of Celtic design and the pure joy of creating original pieces designed to showcase local and exotic woods to their best advantage. Our main focus is Celtic and Middle Earth inspired jewelry, fairy doors and pet ornaments. We are also known as the “pet the wood” people; we take pride in the super smooth finish of our products.


Winnipeg, MB

My name is Margie and ever since I could remember I have always been drawn to art. Later in life art became my largest passion. I am a twenty-five year old self-taught artist that focuses on working with acrylic. I work with fine tipped brushes and a steady hand.  I create miniature paintings that fit in the palm of your hand. I aim to create small pieces of art that anyone can own. Even if you are limited on space or budget tiny paintings are a way for you to own an original work of art.


Oshawa, ON

I started creating when I was very young, but my business began after being inspired by a hand drawn map my Mum gave to me. The map is of my home town in England, and I decided I wanted to create one in my own style of my new home-town in Canada. When my (almost) mother-in-law saw it she asked for one of her home town, and from that spark my business slowly started to grow!


Maple Ridge, BC

Located just outside of beautiful Vancouver BC, we are a small home based business specializing in custom print vinyl for all occasions. We are the proud parents to 3 young little darlings who keep us busy and on our toes. We are thankful for each one of you who chooses to support our small business.

Christmas Ornaments Made In Canada
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Christmas Ornaments Made In Canada
Christmas Ornaments Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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