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Chocolates Made In Canada

Peace By Chocolate

Antigonish, NS


A truly heartwarming story of success in Canada.

For three years we found our home in a refugee camp with little opportunity or hope. Our lives had been forever altered and we dreamed of returning to the lives we love. When our family was invited into Canada and became full Canadian citizens our dreams came true. With the support of our new community Antigonish and the people of Nova Scotia we have rebuilt our chocolate company and are once again doing the work we love.

Submitted by Jeanne

Beta 5 Chocolate

Vancouver, BC


BETA5 chocolates are produced in small batches using sustainable, direct trade plantation chocolates and premium ingredients. Careful alignment of the BETA5 matrix results in our chocolates’ distinctive shine and crisp snap.Submitted by Sindey and Patti

Ganong Chocolates

St. Stephen, NB


Ganong Bros. Limited is proudly located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Our modern facility is state-of-the-art with both nut and nut-free operations. We welcome inquiries from wholesale customers, retailers, and representatives of companies interested in contract pack manufacturing.

Submitted by Jackie

Rogers’ Chocolates

Victoria, BC


Today, Rogers’ Chocolates remains privately owned and locally operated by Canadian families who take great pride in maintaining the legacy of Charles and Leah. We have ten retail stores in British Columbia and many wholesale partners across Canada who love to sell (and eat!) our chocolates as much as we do. Rogers’ also has a very popular Web-store and Mail Order business to serve those customers not able to access our products through a traditional retail outlet.

Submitted by Lindsey


Aldergrove, BC


Maureen has been pouring out award-winning decadent Demerara Butter Crunch since 1992. This amazing soft crunch toffee with almonds or hazelnuts, is coated in Belgian chocolate and made in small artisanal batches on site. We ship across Canada and beyond. Order here to have it shipped directly to you.

Morden Chocolates

Winnipeg, MB


Chocolate was a Morden family passion well before Fred Morden Sr. and his son Blake officially opened Winnipeg’s first chocolate-making business in 1959. Soon, Blake’s wife Shirley joined the business And when their children, Fred Jr. and Cara-Lee were old enough, they were also enlisted into the family business.

Submitted by Terry

purdys chocolate made in canadaPurdys Chocolates

Vancouver, BC


Our founder, Richard Carmon Purdy, started selling homemade chocolates in downtown Vancouver, Canada in 1907. After 100+ years of crafting fine chocolates, you get to know a thing or two about doing it right.


N. Vancouver, BC

At Coconama Chocolate, our concept is simple: the finest chocolate, the best ingredients, and a creative fusion of global flavours. The result: fresh handmade chocolate creations that are indulgence at its purest.

Epiphanie Chcolate

Calgary, AB

At Epiphanie Chocolate located in Calgary AB, we are passionate about freshness, purity, and creativity evidenced in our elegant, thought-provoking recipes.

Violet Chocolate

Edmonton, AB

We’ve been making award-winning flavoured chocolate since 2012 from our studio in Edmonton, Alberta. Rebecca Grant, owner and chocolatier, uses traditional techniques, quality ingredients, and inspiration from her experiences as a Red Seal Chef to create uniquely flavoured bars.

laura secord made in canadaLaura Secord

Toronto, ON

A Canadian chocolatier, confectionery, and ice cream company that was founded in 1913 by Frank P. O’Connor with first store on Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario. It was named after the Canadian heroine of the War of 1812, Laura Secord.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

HO-Burnaby, BC

Expanding rapidly over the years, we now host over 55 locations coast-to-coast. Step into a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and you’ll get that ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling again.

CXBO Chocolates

Toronto, ON

The jewel-like signature bonbons, colourful Disco Eggs, and hand-painted bars and packaging are products of Brandon’s passion for innovate flavours and Sarah’s bold visual ideas.

Stubbe Chocolates

Ottawa, ON

Under the supervision of Master Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Heinrich Stubbe, We strive to create unimaginable products hand in hand with our young chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute.

Delight Chocolate

Toronto, ON

For the past decade Jennifer and Jeff have combined their passion for creating beautiful Chocolates and Ice Cream with a dedication to using only the best Organic and Fair Trade ingredients. Every item in the shop is handmade and created with a high level of care from start to finish.

Andrée’s Chocolates

Montreal, QC

Here’s the list of Chocolats Andrée’s range of products, made in the atelier at the back of the store. Everything is produced onsite, even the candied fruits. With its 64% cocoa content, our high-quality Guayaquil chocolate is imported from Equator.

Rousseau Chocolatier

Halifax, NS

All our chocolates are handmade using fresh ingredients and locally sourced whenever possible. Use the drop down menu to select your choice of all dark, milk or mixed chocolates.

Chocolate Arts

Vancouver, BC

Chocolate arts is committed to supporting sustainable agriculture, local growers, and local businesses. The produce we add to our creations is locally grown and nurtured by organic growers who approach their craft with the same passion as we do ours.

Master Chocolat

Calgary, AB

Bernard Callebaut is a renowned Master Chocolatier, with five generations of experience behind him. Focused always on the balance of taste and style, fellow chocolatiers, chefs and gastronomes around the world revere him.

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

Calgary, AB

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and employing more than 100 local Calgarians, we are expert manufacturers and retailers of award-winning confectionery.

JACEK Chocolate Couture

Edmonton, AB


JACEK Chocolate Couture was started as a one woman show in late in 2009 in a basement in Sherwood Park, and now includes a production facility, three retail boutiques (Sherwood Park, downtown Edmonton and Canmore), an online store and a talented team of dynamo’s!

Harden & Huyse

Saskatoon, SK

Harden & Huyse Chocolates’ family-owned-and-operated manufacturing plant follows the old methods of chocolate making, as developed over generations in Belgium. This time-consuming hand-making process utilizes European equipment, and is still followed by premier Belgian firms today.

Chocolatier Constance

Winnipeg, MB

CCP has many in-shop made chocolate items such as a made-fresh daily Spicy Chocolate Drink (dark chocolate, d/f), Creamy Hot Chocolate (milk chocolate w/ our own marshmallows), a variety of chocolate barks, bars (filled & solid), and a showcase full of bon bons.

Soma Chocolate Maker

Toronto, ON

The year was 2003 and the idea of creating a small, funky chocolate factory was born in the minds of David Castellan and Cynthia Leung. The concept: finding new ways to create and enjoy chocolate.


Toronto, ON

ChocoSol is a learning community social enterprise that focuses on making the ‘food of the gods’ – commonly known as cacao – into stone ground, artisanal dark chocolate.

Divine Chocolatier

Montreal, QC

Divine Chocolatier is a private company which is not franchised. We make small productions of all our products to ensure constant freshness. All our products are hand produced using only the finest cocoa beans from different regions and is house fused for the best end flavour and aroma.

Genevieve Grandbois

Montreal, QC

A committed businesswoman in her community, she manages to multiply time to create inspiring projects, support established causes and even to guide young entrepreneurs.

Island Chocolates

Victoria, PEI

Island Chocolates is a family business that has been making delicious hand-made chocolates since 1987 in Victoria-by-the-Sea Prince Edward Island. All our chocolates are made in our small factory (formerly the Wright Brothers General Store) in Victoria, PEI and are only available at the factory or my special order.


Abbotsford, BC

Wim and Veve are so thankful for all the families that include ChocolaTas as part of their celebrations. It makes them proud to provide an exceptional product that brings joy to so many people.

Chocolate Lab

Calgary, AB

It begins with our passion for chocolate. The finest, freshest ingredients. Created by hand in the tradition of the world’s finest chocolatiers.

Sweet Lollapalooza

Edmonton, AB

Founded by chef turned chocolatier Brett Roy, Sweet Lollapalooza was built with one idea – to produce fresh chocolates made by hand, using only the best ingredients, including some of the rarest chocolate on earth.

Decadence Chocolates

Winnipeg, MB

The fun and exciting part is the experimentation with different chocolates, flavours and colours. New and unexpected flavours aren’t always created … sometimes they just happen … and a new favourite is found.

Mordens of Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB

Chocolate was a Morden family passion well before Fred Morden Sr. and his son Blake officially opened Winnipeg’s first chocolate-making business in 1959.

Chocolates Made In CanadaSplendid Chocolates

Montreal, QC

George and his son Doug continue to bring to market top quality chocolate and cutting designs and decorating techniques in a 90,000 square foot factory.

Alicja Confections

Ottawa, ON

Everything from the packaging, flavours, marketing, and branding are things that I love to do! With all my favourite hobbies combined, some hard work, and a lot of help from loved ones (thanks fam!), Alicja Confections has become my full-time job and the best one yet!

Aschenti Cocoa

Winnipeg, MB

We roast our beans at a low temperature so that each bean can acquire a signature aroma. This is when the magic happens: the Maillard reaction. Natural ingredients such as unrefined cane sugar are added. No preservatives or additives are used in our products.

chocobel Made In CanadaChocobel

Montreal, QC

Located in Montreal, QC, Chocobel creates chocolate that you will be excited to share with your friends.  This chocolate artisan is a very proud chocolatier who will bring you the gift of kindness in his creations.

Les Chocolats De Chloe

Montreal, QC

George and his son Doug continue to bring to market top quality chocolate and cutting designs and decorating techniques in a 90,000 square foot factory.

Anne of Green Gables

Charlottetown, PEI

Anne of Green Gables Chocolates began creating irresistible chocolates in 1999, using family recipes that have been passed down for generations, dating back to the time of L.M. Montgomery. Using fresh, natural ingredients, our products are handmade with care at our production facility located at the Shops at COWS CREAMERY.

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