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Black Diamond Cheese

Black Diamond Cheese made in canada

Located in Toronto, ON, Black Diamond Cheese is completely made in Canada with Canadian pasteurized milk.  There are no artificial coloring or other ingredients found in this cheese.  In fact, the color that you see is entirely from vegetable sources such as carrots.

Every day a delivery of milk is received at the plant for screening and quality testing.  It is then cleansed of any bad bacteria and the cheese making process begins with a starter culture.   This is only the start of the process.  Once the blocks are made, they will stay in a carefully controlled warehouse for up to six years.  The storage containers are kept child in order to facilitate a uniform product.  This is just a small bit of information on how this legendary cheese is produced in Canada.

Black Diamond Cheese

Made In Canada Cheese:

  • Shredded Cheese
  • Natural Cheese
  • Natural Cheese Sticks
  • Natural Cheese Slices
  • Slices
  • Snack Cheese

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  • Black Diamond is found at most food stores across Canada
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Black Diamond Cheese
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