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Birdy Toy Box

Birdy Toy Box Made In Canada

With almost 15 years of experience, the Birdy Toy Box has been involved in the design, research, testing and manufacturing of bird toys.  Their goal is to keep all birds happy, safe and healthy.

Birds need to be entertained and active to keep their mind busy and healthy.  Exercise is also a benefit for your bird regardless of their size or age.  You can even use the toy parts to create your own toys that you know your bird will love for a long time.

Birdy Toy Box

Made In Canada Bird Toys:

  • Bird Toys for tiny to x-large birds
  • Tiny to x-large Natural Bird Toys
  • Small to x-large bird foot toys
  • Foraging Toys  for tiny to x-large birds
  • Shredding Toys for tiny to X-large birds

Other items sold:

  • Bird Toy Parts
    • Bird Toy Bases
    • Natural Bird Toy Parts
    • Shreddable Parts
    • Vegetable tanned leather
    • Metal Parts
    • Wood Parts
    • Acrylic and plastic parts
  • Fun Boards
  • Birdy Connection Kits
    • Tiny bird play area
    • Small bird play area
    • Medium bird play area
    • Birdy Connections Extras
  • Bird Swings for tiny to large birds

You can purchase these items through the following methods:
  • Online
    • Shipping costs will depend on where you are located in Canada.  Shipping is done through Canada Post.
    • International orders are available
    • Returns are accepted within 7 days of the delivery date.  Items must be unopened though.

Do you have family or friends who have a bird that would love a birdy toy box gift? You can purchase a gift certificate just like any other item in the online store.  You can send the gift right from the checkout.

If you register with the site you get 20% off your first order.  If you are sent a gift certificate, it is like any other online store where the amount is in an account for you where you can use it for purchasing items or even for sending another gift certificate.  Whatever you do not use simply stays in the account.

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Birdy Toy Box
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Birdy Toy Box
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