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Bird Feed Made In Canada

If you know of any other bird feed made in Canada please forward the information so I can add them to the site.

Sun Country Farms’

Langham, SK

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The wind-powered facility in Langham, Saskatchewan, was the first in the province to use 100% green electricity. Additionally, the processing plant produces enough bio-oil to power the farm equipment used to produce and transport all of Sun Country Farm’s seed products.

Nature’s Nest

Londesborough, ON

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Our mission at Nature’s Nest is to provide good quality bird seed at affordable prices and to bring enjoyment to our customer’s backyards.  Our goal is to satisfy our customers in any way that they need.  Tim is a woodworker and makes all of the wooden feeders in the store.  He also mixes all of the bird seed blends right here in the old seed plant.
Bird Feed Made In Canada
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Bird Feed Made In Canada
Bird Feed Made In Canada is part of a growing list of Canadian businesses that produce or manufacture their products right here in Canada by Canadians.
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