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Bird Boredom Busters

Bird Boredom Busters Made In Canada

Bird Boredom Busters made in Canada parrot toys that will encourage your bird to shred, chew, preen and forage.  These hand made toys also promote mental stimulation for your feathered friend.  Birds of all sizes will be entertained and boredom will be a thin of the past.

This business can also provide the parts and accessories needed to build your own toys.  Even rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, ferrets and other small pets benefit from the items that are in stock for toy building.  There is even a bird toy sizing chart so that you can make sure you get the right size toy for your feathered friend.

Keep checking for new toys and toy parts as their creativity is always on the go.  Even thought Bird Boredom Busters has one of the largest selections of bird-safe toy parts, some products do become discontinued or are limited in supply so be sure to get the ones you are interested in when you see them.

Bird Boredom Busters

Made In Canada Bird Toys:

  • Bird Toys
    • x-small – x-large toys
    • foot toys
    • birdie bagel toys
    • shreddable toys
    • seagras activity
    • swings / perches
    • jolly balls
    • bongs / bungees
    • tents / sleepers
    • treat / toy wand
    • clearance items

Other items sold:

  • beads, rings / charms
  • bird safe wood
  • bagels
  • bulk parts
  • clearance parts
  • coconut / pod cups
  • metal / plastic chain
  • plastic parts
  • rope / cord
  • shreddable parts
  • toy bases
  • veggie tanned leather
  • vine balls / wicker parts
  • wacky whirly tool
You can purchase these items through the following methods:
  • Online
    • Visit their web page and hook up with Facebook to keep up to date
    • Prices are in CAD dollars
    • For the safety of the birds there is a no return policy on all items

Do you have friends or family outside of Canada?  Bird Boredom Busters ships world wide.  All you have to do is check in for a quote.

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Bird Boredom Busters
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