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Baseball Bats Made In Canada

Sam Bat

Carleton Place, ON


Sam Bat, officially The Original Maple Bat Corporation, is a Canadian company based in the town of Carleton Place, Ontario that manufactures baseball bats. It was the first company to supply baseball bats manufactured from maple wood to professional baseball players.

KR3 Baseball Bats

Cambridge, ON

At the start of the year 2000, KR3 began selling bats to Independent teams in the US and manufacturing for other well-known brand labels. As well as joining with the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St. Marys, becoming their exclusive bat supplier and providing them with all of their Induction Day bats each year.

Stevensville Bat Company

Fort Erie, ON

We highly recommend arranging a personal shop tour to see how your ‘tool of the trade’ is manufactured and get a good understanding of how a bat is made and what to look for.

B45 Baseball Bats

Québec, QC

Our mission is to remain the leader in the manufacturing of baseball bats and equipment recognized for their absolute quality and innovation for both professional and amateur players.

Prairie Sticks

Lacombe, AB

Our manufacturing processes along with our finishes are second to none. We know you are getting a big league product at a fair cost. We want to keep it affordable and have never strayed from the three pillars where we started.

Alomar Baseball

Toronto, ON

Unlike other brands, Alomar takes pride in being actively involved in the design of the product, using his knowledge and passion of the game. He is actively involved in testing each and every product, and Alomar Baseball uses professional and amateur ballparks as its testing lab.

Zero Baseball Bats

Quebec City, QC

We produce our bats in the spring to honor the orders received during pre-production period. We also build up a stock to meet the demand of the summer months. We use only premier billets to turn our bats from.

Baseball Bats Made In Canada
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Baseball Bats Made In Canada
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